Jun 15, 2021


"Reading opens up your mind," they said. That wasn't our way, us the pure Africans, as our reading was always done verbally or in action. Sitting at the fire or around the charcoal stove in the evenings and listening to the elders ooze gold in words or being mindless about something and then walloped with a bamboo shoot before cooking it to make "amalewa sauce", the Bagisu tribe of Uganda's delicacy. Hell!, even a cooking stick was employed by the fountains of authority in the homes we grew up in. So, the lessons were learnt too, our minds were opened too, just with a different formula. 

Anyway, we are catching on slowly, using the alphabet more to learn and experience what it's like to be in the mind of the writer. The fear that remains is for the digital and technology based reading age to wipe out what is left of the rich tradition of ancient African learning. I also sluggishly joined the book reading squad recently and have touched a few books, the most recent of which I was reading until I got to this page, deserving of a red highlight and the angry emoji but only a blue marker could be seen in my space at the time this page befell me.Wait, what!! Did I just read the N-word?!😠🤦...

This is a book written on enhancing positive thinking in young people and most notably, by a clergy man! Disappointing is what comes to mind first, for lack of a better word. This de-meaning language is most surely not Christ like, not healthy, not positive. To tag low cut provocative names to a group of people based on their natural make up is a lot short of humane. By now you know that I closed chapter on that book, way before the chapters closed in on me. 

You see, we trash technology every passing minute even though somehow, we never get off it but think about it, with all these social media spaces, I can air my grievances, have my voice heard, basically do something visibly about it. This kind of messaging can be reacted to, pulled down and countered, in almost real time of posting and the uproar sets stage for humanity. But with reading a book like this, hard copy style, all you can do is get beyond annoyed, feel attacked, de-humanised and maybe at most shred the damn thing straight into the fire with your emotions crashed and sense of self torn. You could argue that a lawsuit would be in order and that's so on point to do but in how long with these bureaucratic institutions will a satisfactory judgement make an appearance, if it does? Also what does that leave what matters the most, your heart and inner being dealing with, as you wait?  Technology might be a drain for normalcy but it is also a strong force for timely and empowering action.

By the way, when that page dawned on me, I quickly went to check what year this book was written! It was 1955 thereabout and maybe it was a dark age for skin colour inequalities which were soaring but it wasn't right then, it's not right now and will never be right! Know who you are and you will know what to do.

Jun 14, 2021



I would cringe when wondering of how people were able to be a part of more than one social media platform. In my mind, I would always pray for their mental and emotional health, telling God to forgive them for they know not what they are doing. I was a very content facebooker and WhatsApper which even felt like an over indulgence, like that Sunday morning brunch that renders you cheat guilty after the weekend is over. Basically phoning around equalled some sort of crime. 

Health experts have always had very scripted modes of operation that attempt to keep the society healthier for longer, having anything on the other side of these, was taken as vague and quite unprofessional. Here then comes yours truly!, nutritionist and wellness enthusiast making a go at teaching why avocadoes are indispensable, spinach can and should be eaten both cooked and raw, nuts and seeds are nature's beauty secret. Great message right, only hurdle was, mine, was a hard target type of audience and you bet, I had hundreds of misfires. Conventional wasn't cutting it. 

The career was aching with a need for change. On the path far from the usual, I decided to tread. I became the over indulger, that phoner, that person whose mental and emotional okayness, I used to pray for. Two years down that road, the choice to get the rewards of moving past the comfort zone are emerging. Conversations of health and eating better and wellness have been ignited in a community that only meets albeit virtually. Wellness met with creativity and convenience because of technology and it's advancements which I believe if used appropriately, can cause global change without even moving as much as a toe. 
Good can come out of even the worst, you know! Technology is the now and it has an even bigger throne in the future. You could really use it.

Jun 11, 2021



Not being much of a writer until super recently, I never understood when people who were fascinated with penning their minds would complain of a writer's block or a lack of inspiration to write. When I decided to join the "blog everyday for a month challenge" by the Afrobloggers, I thought it was something I would handle just like everything else in my life.

I now sit here on day 5 of this challenge, with no interest to write or focus today and it's "Furahiday" to make matters worse!  I feel there's is alot I believe in and can advocate for but all the reasons for advocacy seem blurry right now, I can't see even one. So basically, I am writing to you today about not wanting to write. 

I realise that when you do not want to do something that you really should, is when it counts the most. That's when it makes all the difference that despite the block, you pushed your way through, letting your fight, take you on a flight to success land. What if our stories were always so swift, would there be any lessons to learn? Would they be any thrilling to listen to? Would the journey even matter as much?
Whatever is stampeding you right now, whatever you are going through that might be such a weight, if you look closely, you'll see that that's just another opportunity to make your story legendary! Don't give in, dear one. And there's the light in my not wanting to write today. 

Jun 10, 2021



I did a spring clean for my living room today and wow, I'm feeling good about the little changes, I feel like my life just leveled up at zero cost (laughing in silently). It's the chance to do these things for self, not by anyone else, not for anyone else but me, that make me appreciate how uplifting a self care routine is and just how we all need to take time to tend to ourselves. 

Yesterday, I discovered and was reading a blog by an interesting young mind called The Kevman Express, courtesy of the WINTERABC2021 blogging month that's been organised by @Afrobloggers. I am also participating all month of June, exciting but also proof of discipline, I tell you! Well, he was pointing out a sad tale of a beautiful young lady who decided that ending her life was her best option yet. Surely to get to that point, she must have been so fatigued with the montony and strife of this world, such a loss for us all, whether you knew her or not. Kevman Express continued to point out how for so long, we have waited on the outside world to help us get better when our mental and emotional health is under attack but unfortunately, no, little or invalid help is usually offered so now the counter approach should change, we should try to help ourselves from within, look for our goodness within and amplify it, so it eventually exudes to help us deal with the fast life on the outside. Surely this is the advocacy we need, a more lasting solution that we all should embark on, after all, they say we are all mad, just at varying levels. Rest in Peace, Natasha♥️. 

Let's talk about this Covid devil for a bit, it came and was a big hit, only in the worst of ways, we had lockdowns, full, partial, pseudo, all kinds really!! This, although with fear, rested us, it got us to listen to ourselves, discover and take care of ourselves. After the first lockdown every country experienced was lifted, we all went hastily to getting things done, catch up game became the new hit, there was now speedy Rose, speedy Ivan, speedy Irene everywhere. We were back to forgetting ourselves and inner needs as our time was now re-dedicated to chasing! 

Chasing what? Money, social media followers, education, partners, visas and so many more. All this while, Covid-19 was just having a little vacation, letting us think we can be lax as it became more violent and got meaner! Our speedy selves sent us right backwards because now the second wave is here, eating the life out of many, destructing progress, skyrocketing suicide and shuttering dreams that were in sight for a moment. We forgot to do what mother Earth had taught us through the very first Covid attack, to pause and take better care of our inner man and really do good by our bodies. 

I am using this pen to stand in for me and paper to stand in for advocacy for you to pause every once in a while and put yourself first, feed yourself, nourish your elements and let mother Earth favour you. Don't forget to mask up, bask in the warm sun, drink your ginger ale and rosemary water and take time out to really breathe.
Speed does not always carry you forward.

Jun 8, 2021



Your reason, my reason, we are all born with one. One that points you to leaving this world better than we found it.  It's my hope that we all figure out our why at some point in our lives, when we can do something about it. 

It's beautiful to stand for something because that's where all the magic that changes the world starts, with advocacy. It's the hard part though!
I believe alot about us keeping from disease can be done, if we took the time to eat nutritious food, wholesome food, food that actually matters to the body, you know like that sweet potato, mushroom, grasshoppers(you can only get this if you're in Uganda), mangoes and the like,from farm to table or rather from tree to table kind of foods and I have been advocating for this for a while now. I gotta tell you though, before they understand your message, they see you as mad. Then when they begin to understand it, they cheer you from hands length to see how it goes. Then when they have fully resonated with your message, you can have a battalion to help fight for your cause. Before the forming of the battalion, you will walk many days and nights alone for the cause and your job at this time will be to push on no matter how it's going.

Remember, you can't change the whole world, that surely was Jesus' job on the cross but you can change the lives of one or two or a few more people in the world for better and that's beyond great. It should never be about quantity if there is no quality you are bringing to the table.  If it is the right thing to do, find your way of advocacy, just don't die the woman or man or child that kept their mouth shut.


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People who don't fear adolescents are the ones I fear! I even wonder how I ever got past being one. These guys don't listen to anyone. What they want or don't want, they will do anyway. They suddenly have so much energy bottled up, they become agents of destruction. And do you really want to know about their food style?! Just think of them as human caterpillars, they are here to munch away! Thank goodness, it's just a phase! Anyway, let's live and let adolescents live too. 

The ones I really feel for aside the more little children though are these median children, that are not babies but are not yet at puberty either. Life is a very unknown land to tread on for us all but this particular phase is the most confusing and scary of them all. One day, your friends are getting weird unexplained changes to their bodies and you start to pray hard that your time is not soon here, even when these are supposed to be blessings for adulthood. You wake up one morning and your gaurdians are no longer soft handed with you, you have suddenly become eligible for the rough and tough, you can only wonder "where did the love go?" 
You are not sure whether to go to children's church or teen's church on Sunday. Oh, the greyness of it all!!

Camp fires have long been reserved for vigils and big village celebrations which is such an under utilisation if you asked me. How dare you use a chance to eat roasted liver, chicken, meat, vegetable or even marshmallow skewers only for two rare reasons? All the information, clarity, closure, bonding that can be shared in the warmth of the fire and flavour of lightly salted meats!  It's about time we picked our wood.
I am advocating for the camp fire maker in you to show up in your home, walk with our pre-teens.

Jun 7, 2021


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I have always lived for connection. It almost always feels right to go this path especially when in doubt but if there was ever something so adorable that I just couldn't find that energy with, it was babies and children. There were no "gugu gagas" coming from me, no winks coming from me and likewise, I barely got a smile back or any chubby hug offers from these mini-people. I guess it's true, karma is a female dog!! 
Fast forward to four years later, in love with one of my own and I am now "the playful mummy and aunty of the village." 
My life now has me twisted with a passion for thriving little ones, after all their being among us was no choice of theirs.

Human trafficking, sex trade, drug dealing are at an all time rise and sadly, so is child abuse! Labour that goes unpaid and  chores to last the day that are just never ending are robbing the young ones of the brain and body's hunger for play. Threats to what can and might be witheld from them if they play, sit, sleep, watch or louse "too much" are turning them into temples of timidness.  Dwelling among relations and minders with deep roots in a dysfunctional family cycle is stripping their innocence and leaving them bare to the erosion of their dignity, joy and freedom that their bodies are just not big enough to fight for yet.

I get scares trying to even begin to think of the horror and trauma that children are likely subjected to behind closed doors. I can't change the whole world, as much as that would be amazing but I can change one person's life at a time and this is the thought work behind the "playful mummy and aunty of the village."  This really is my way of advocacy for blooming the little stars, the quality of our tomorrow world.

When I hear my backyard filled with little sharp, loud voices from every corner, feel their quick hand grips on the bananas or bread slices I hand them on that plastic blue tray, watch them explore choosing for themselves which activities, toys or friends that they would want to feel good with, once again, I see it, the chance for bloom of each child, slowly into a more divine adult.

I doubt there is any more perfect sense in why the bloom advocacy is for every adult of the now and deep down, I am just happy to give them a place where they can be who they should be occupied being, CHILDREN!!


"Reading opens up your mind," they said. That wasn't our way, us the pure Africans, as our reading was always done verbally or...

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